The Pizza Company Announces Winner of Viral ‘Salad Bar’ Campaign

October 1st, 2019 Phnom Penh – The Pizza Company announced the winner of a five-month-long viral ‘Salad Bar’ campaign beginning in May, in which 102 participants went head to head in salad-building contests with their eyes on a $1,000 grand prize.


Since the campaign was first rolled out online and offline, it garnered a lot of attention. The public was beckoned to enter salad-building competitions for a $1000 grand prize. Competitions were played out in three rounds from May through September with winners of each round judged by food experts from EFG on three criteria: salad height, salad size and decoration.


102 people entered the first round of competitions at The Pizza Company branches across Cambodia. 17 winners were selected from each branch and advanced to the Semi-Final Round, where six salad-building pros advanced to the Final Round. At the end of September, The Pizza Company held the Final Round competition and announced a $1000 cash prize winner. Semi-Final winners also received a $200 The Pizza Company coupon each.


“This was the first competition we’ve held of this kind and we received an amazing turnout. Focusing our attention to social media, we were able to target more The Pizza Company fans than ever. It’s been a fun five months and we congratulate everyone involved. We are thrilled to be sharing the love of fresh foods and friendly competition,” said Virak Tep, General Manager, EFG Cambodia.  


 Broadcasted every week on The Pizza Company’s Facebook page, online attention came in droves. The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and bring attention to The Pizza Company’s Salad Bar. It also highlighted The Pizza Company’s fresh food offerings.


 Following the campaign’s success, The Pizza Company looks forward to rolling out additional fun campaigns throughout the year.