EFG & PFI Regional Workshop

Phnom Penh, July 15th, 2021 – EFG held a management workshop from July 13th – 15th, for EFG Cambodia, EFG Lao, EFG Myanmar, and Palms Food International (PFI) staff. The three-day workshop took place in Cambodia with managers from other countries who are all unable to travel, attending virtually. The workshop focused in particular on the challenges facing EFG and the opportunities arising from these challenges across our markets.

Neil Russell led a session focusing on how, as business leaders, we should look to continually improve our business operations and processes, introducing practices such a ‘continuous improvement through marginal gains’. In a second area, he introduced Peter Lawson Global Manufacturing & Quality Director Modification Manufacturing who explained how the concept of “smooth flow” has helped teams in ADC improve inter-departmental teamwork, improving the workflow, reducing costs and creating better cooperation. The session was wrapped up with a reminder of the “living above the line” approach and an agreement for all to work with their teams and put plans into action locally.

A component of the workshop was dedicated to awards celebrating store, team and individual staff employee achievements. The Sparkling Clean Award, Long Service Awards and Hall of Fame Awards were all held on the final day of the workshop.

The Sparkling Clean Award was presented by Rey Naputo, Group Quality Assurance Manager and went to The Pizza Company stores in Chom Chao, Olympia Mall and Aeon Mall 1.

Nhim Samadi, the area Coach of The Pizza Company in Cambodia – he received the Sparkling Clean Star Coach award.

Long Service Awards were presented to twenty seven staff from EFG Cambodia, EFG Lao and EFG Myanmar who reached their 10, 15 and 20 years work anniversaries. The Long Service Awards were announced by Angelique Tan, General Manager of Procurement and Supply Chain management. Angelique was assisted by HR Managers Veasna Kith – EFG Cambodia, Honey Linn – HR Manager RMA Myanmar and Juliephone Vinavong – HR Manager RMA Lao.

To conclude, the Hall of Fame Award, set up and presented by Martin Darby, was handed out to ten EFG managers.