EFG Conducted Q4 Workshop and Hall of Fame Award

Phnom Penh, November 12th, 2021 – EFG Holding & Palms Food international conducted a three day workshop for Q4 from November 10th – 12th. Team members received information and insights in an interactive session from the team
lead himself, Martin Darby. A great deal of time was spent sharing and reviewing activities in 2021 and discussing the way forward for 2022 across the five markets EFG-Cambodia, EFG Laos, EFG Myanmar, EFG Thailand, and Palms Food International in Singapore.

On the last day of the workshop, an “EFG Hall of Fame” was also organized to honor and recognize staff members along with a small in person reunion in each market shared via MS Teams.

The staff members recognized by the management for their outstanding contribution to EFG and Palms Food are:
EFG – Cambodia:

  • Sopheak Ly, Finance Manager – Platinum Award
  • Veasna Kith, HR Manager – Gold Award
  • Angelique Tan, Supply chain and Procurement Manager – Gold Award
  • Nicolas Martin, The GM of Hungry App – Silver Award
  • Krispy Kreme Cambodia Team – Gold Award from Managing Director for
    accelerated growth

EFG – Lao:

  • Team Texas Chicken – Gold Award, to thank everyone at Texas Chicken
    Laos for growing the brand with Covid restrictions
  • Joanne Argales – Silver Award
  • Soutchai Singxay (Nova) – Silver Award
  • Suvan Southa – Silver Award
EFG – Myanmar:
  • Salai Phun Hta Lain – Silver Award
  • Maximillian Talcott – Sliver Award, for his contribution to take over EFGM
  • Operations and stepping up to the challenge.
Palms Food International – Singapore: