EFG Cambodia Expands with Four New Store Openings

July 22nd, 2019 Phnom Penh – EFG made a huge splash at Olympia mall, Phnom Penh this weekend when it opened four new stores, giving customers even greater access to their favorite dining experiences. 


The Pizza Company, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen and Krispy Kreme are now available at the newly opened mall. Olympia mall, which launched in June, is set to draw in crowds from its surrounding areas filled with businesses, schools, hotels and condos. 


Each store held their own successful launch party, drawing in customers and spreading the love for food. Dairy Queen had a parade through the mall advertising the new location. Krispy Kreme held their own parade complete with balloons and banners. The Pizza Company got mall-goers excited with a pizza eating competition, and it was full-house on opening day. Swensen’s had a family fun parade and games in front of the store enjoyed by the little ones. 

EFG is thrilled to be able to service customers in a new area. Expanding at an impressive rate, this is now the 33rd The Pizza Company store in the country, Swensen’s 9th store, Dairy Queen’s 13th store and the 6th Krispy Kreme store.  As EFG continues to grow in Cambodia, location launches are set to draw in crowds with fun activities and can’t-miss promotions.