Dairy Queen Cambodia Celebrates Blizzard Crispy Brownie Launch with The Hungry App Parade

Phnom Penh, December 15th, 2023 – We at Dairy Queen wanted to celebrate the launch of Blizzard Crispy Brownie in a way that was as sweet and satisfying as the treat itself, so we teamed up with The Hungry App to throw an epic parade right in the heart of Toulkork Area!

The streets came alive with the infectious energy of Nono sound, creating an unforgettable experience for our valued customers. They got to indulge in scoops of the Blizzard Crispy Brownie’s irresistible blend of creamy ice cream, chewy brownie chunks, and crunchy chocolate topping, all while soaking up the festive atmosphere.

But the fun doesn’t stop here! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, mouthwatering promotions, and future collaborations that will continue to bring the Dairy Queen magic to your life. See you at the next scoop celebration!

P.S. Don’t forget to share your Blizzard Crispy Brownie moments with us on social media using #DairyQueenCambodia