EFG Brightens up Students’ Day

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EFG Brightens up Students’ Day

September 22nd, 2019 Yangon – The Pizza Company and Swensen’s of EFG Myanmar held a ‘Share Food, Share Motivation’ CSR activity, brightening up the day of children from the Kyaik Waing Boys Training School & Disabled Care Center. The event focused on both entertainment for the kids and support for the school.

EFG made financial donations to the school, supporting the education of hundreds of children. The training school, which does incredible work for the kids, expressed their deep gratitude.

For the entertainment portion, EFG had a number of activities up their sleeve. Employees and students alike shared the joy of pizza while motivational speaker Ko Nyi Nyi invoked the crowd’s inspiration. On top of that, Han Thi, Miss World Myanmar and Sandi from The Voice Myanmar, along with Gita Mate Music Institute, joined for a singalong. Additional fun-packed games put a smile on everyone’s faces. Employees and the students all had a blast that day.

EFG is committed to supporting education and child development in Myanmar, and will be holding more CSR activities with schools across the country.