Boost Juice Launches Vibe Club

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Boost Juice’s Loyalty Program The Vibe Club, a complete redesign from the paper card to 100% online which is aligned with our goal of a seamless digital experience for our consumers! This means that you can collect your stamps with a click in of your smartphone and the 11th drink is on us!

 The Vibe Club now allows you to effortlessly collect points towards free beverages with a simple tap on your smartphone. Enrolling is quick and convenient:

1. Utilize the provided QR code or follow this link: Link to Vibe Club Signup:

2. Complete the registration form and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

3. Start scanning your digital membership with each purchase to accumulate points. By accumulating ten stamps , you will be eligible to redeem a free Boost Juice Drink!

 This is now available in all Boost Juice locations!  We encourage you to join the Vibe Club today and embark on your journey towards delightful rewards! Please feel free to share this information with your fellow Boost Juice enthusiasts. We look forward to welcoming you in-store!

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