A Successful Sponsorship from Boost Juice at Ignite Talk!

Phnom Penh, November 12nd, 2023 – We’re thrilled to reflect on the fantastic partnership between Boost Juice and Ignite Talks which is a fast-pace public speaking platform made up of fun and inspiring presentations that took place on November 12, 2023. As a silver sponsor, Boost Juice provided delicious smoothies to Ignite guest speakers and dedicated Ignite team members, creating an unforgettable experience with the new drinks, Freshly Coco Series.

Attendees had the pleasure of indulging in refreshing and flavorful smoothies, thanks to the seamless coordination between Boost Juice and the Ignite team during the event. The collaboration brought a vibrant energy to the occasion, delighting everyone with the unique and delightful Freshly Coco Series.

Thank you to all who attended the event and contributed to this resounding success. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements from Boost Juice!

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